Reading and Listening

These first 3 audio programs are my main recommendations.  I consider them to be excellent adjuncts to Filamentology.

Psychology of Achievement
This audio program is by Brian Tracy.  He is a well known "power of positive thinking" advocate.  In this series, he describes how a person can use positive thinking, creativity, and controlling negative emotions to one's benefit.  Mr. Tracy does not go quite as far as to say there is a universal energy field of awareness, but he comes close.  I try to listen to this series a few times every year.  It helps me recognize if I have picked up any bad mental habits.

Image Streaming

The name of this audio series is actually "The Einstein Factor", but  I fondly think of it as "image streaming".  Image streaming is  one of about 15 techniques that Dr. Wenger describes and teaches you how to perform.  Some of the techniques are very advanced, and some are a bit easier.  I believe that these techniques are bona fide ways of enhancing your psychic/spiritual abilities.  However, Dr. Wenger seems to  believe that all of what is occurring during image streaming is inside your physical brain.  I believe that if you combine these techniques with a knowledge of Filamentology,  the results can be profound.

Remote Viewing
I believe that the technique of remote viewing yields the closest thing to scientific proof that humans have psychic capabilities.  There are a number of different variants of remote viewing, but this series of mp3's is very good, and it is free.   Even though the audio series is almost 30 hours long, I highly recommend taking this course in remote viewing. 

These are some other interesting reference works that I think are applicable to Filamentology.

The Toyota Way
Over the years, I have listened to many business management theories.  I felt like most of them  had good things to recommend, but none were complete.  However, when I listened to this audiobook, I got so excited, I couldn't sit still.  The book is a bit technical, but I believe that anyone can use many of the techniques and processes of the Toyota Way to personal benefit.  I believe that the Toyota way is an absolute expression of the principles of Filamentology.

The Fire From Within

I drew much of Filamentology from the works of Carlos Casteneda.  While a comprehensive critique of his controversial works is not possible here, I believe that this book of the series has the best description of the Filamentous Energy Fibers.

Magical Passes

As mentioned in Filamentology, there are many physical body exercises that have the added benefit of working with the flow of the Filamentous Energy Fibers through the physical body.  Examples of these are Tai Chi, Yoga, some martial arts, and this set of exercises called the magical passes.  They are also from the works of Carlos Casteneda.  When I do these exercises, my orthopoedics, or bones, joints, and muscles feel much stronger.  They may have different effects on different people, but I highly recommend this series of exercises.

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