This page has links to sites that go into more detail about topics that I address in Filamentology.  In writing Filamentology, I intentionally did not provide sources or footnotes.  I think that these writing techniques may have been of greater importance in the days before the internet, but now anyone can easily do their own research on the web.  Also, I find incessant footnoting and referencing bibliographies to be distracting. 

For instance, I mention the relative number of adherents to various religions in Filamentology, but I give no references as to where I got those numbers.  You can find extensive notes and lists of world religions at

Peak Oil

Here are some interesting articles and Youtube videos about Peak Oil which is an important topic of Filamentology.
The End of Suburbia(a Youtube video) ~ 1 hour
Peak Oil 101 (Youtube Video 3 parts)

Physical Body Exercises

I mention excersises that strengthen the flow of the Filamentous Energy Fibers through the physical body, but I gave no instruction on how to perform these exercises.  Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for this purpose.  Here are some links to some of my favorite instructional videos.  

Tai Chi, the 24 step
(the most popular Tai Chi routine in the world)
Tai Chi Video #1(YouTube Video)  
Tai Chi Video #2 (Downloadable video, right Click, select "Save Link Target As" and download the file to your computer
Video #3 (YouTube with English subtitles)

Of course, I really like the Magical Passes from the books of Carlos Casteneda.  I review these in the reading and listening references pages of this website.


I am a vegan, so I encourage people to consider this lifestyle.


In Filamentology I give a description of the development of the physical unniverse.  This description obviously conflicts with the "Big Bang" theory.  I believe the big bang theory has a lot of problems, not even considering the Filamentology description.  Here are links to several articles which I think are quite good.  I have not reviewed the rest of the Space and Motion website for purposes of potential conflicts with Filamentology, but it seems pretty interesting. 

By the way, I do not agree with Halton Arp's theory.

Top 30 problems with the Big Bang
The big bang never happened
The Big Bang theory under fire
The big bang never happened (Youtube video) in 9 parts

Alternative Spirituality

There are some other links about spirituality that I find interesting.

What is Druidry?

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