Introduction to Filamentology
The Energy Body
The Gesture
Jerusalem's Rainbows


Filamentology is a synthesis and reorganization of the great observations of humanity. These include scientific, religious, historical, shamanic, and personal observations.

For the first time in the history of humanity this synthesis and reorganization is possible.

We have now made all of the necessary observations. All that is required is for us to organize and interpret these observations correctly.

All attempts have been made to remove rigorous mathematics from the description of this system. The system of Filamentology could possibly be called "unified field theory", and smacks of high-level physics. It does require visualization of some difficult concepts, but this mental effort is necessary to achieve higher understanding.

Even at this level, the description could be called grossly oversimplified. However, this simplistic description is a necessary first step on making the long journey towards reconnection.

The mark of our times is being disconnected. We are disconnected from the greatest source of power, knowledge, humor, and love in the universe. We are disconnected from the purposes of our lives and the unbelievable potential we could attain. We have become disconnected from ourselves. While becoming reconnected is not always easy, it is essential to an individual's well being.

This is not a book about physics, although it is necessary to explain some of the basic underlying principles of the makeup of the universe. This is not a book about biology or anthropology although we must understand a little about ourselves. This is not a book about history although it is important to understand where we have been, where we are, and how we got here so we can better understand where it is possible for us to go in the future.

The Energy Body

Every human being has two major components. The first component is the Physical Body which has the structure we are all familiar with: bones, muscles, skin,and blood. The second component associated with every living human is an Energy Body. The Energy Body surrounds the Physical Body. It is not inside the Physical Body, although energy does flow from the Energy Body through the Physical Body. The general shape of the Energy Body is roughly round to egg shaped, with the point of the egg being at the top, or towards the head of the Physical Body.

The size of the Energy Body is approximately the size of the Physical Body. However, the bottom of the Energy Body is not all the way down to the feet. The bottom of the Energy Body is about at the mid shin level to approximately the level of the knees. The top of the Energy Body is maybe a foot or two higher than the top of the physical head. If a person were to stick their arms straight up, the top of the Energy Body would be somewhere between the level of the elbows to the wrists. The width of the Energy Body is approximately four or five feet. If a person were to stick their arms straight out to the side, the outer boundaries of the Energy Body would be about at the level of the mid forearm. The Energy Body is about four feet deep (from front to back). The front of the Energy Body is about two feet in front of the Physical Body. The back of the Energy Body is about two to three feet behind the Physical Body.

The Energy Body has been intuited throughout the ages. It has been called many things such as the soul, the spirit, or the aura. Chinese traditional medicine calls it the hun. Modern science does not currently acknowledge the existence of this Energy Body.

The Gesture

Of all the infinity of activities a person could possibly engage in during their life, the Gesture is the most powerful and magnificent. A Gesture is understood by the following concepts. First, the language of the Filamentous Energy Fibers is symbolic and emotional. Second, the Filamentous Energy Fibers speak to us this way in the real world and in our dreams. Third, a Gesture is the act of speaking back to them in the physical world, using symbolic and emotional actions.

Jerusalem's Rainbows

I find myself in the old City of Jerusalem one afternoon, wandering the higgledy-piggledy, ancient, stone covered streets. This day happened to be the Sabbath, Saturday, which is the Jewish holy day. By what seemed to be random coincidence, I walk out onto the plaza where the Wailing Wall of the Temple Mount is located.

The Wailing Wall, or the Western Wall, is considered by many to be the holiest place in all of Judaism.   Judaism is the seed religion for two of the world's great religions, Christianity and Islam. The holiest place of all Judaism is generally considered to be this last remaining section of the wall of Solomon's Temple.

As I walk out onto this plaza, my jaw nearly drops to the ground. Soaring high above this holy location is the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. It is absolutely resplendent. At this moment I feel as if I can almost hear it. I become desperate for a picture, but pictures of the Wall are forbidden on the Sabbath! What can I do?

I run over to one of the young Israeli soldiers, who was armed with an M-16 and standing guard in the plaza, and I ask him if there's any way there can be an exception to the prohibition of pictures on the Sabbath. He more or less shrugs and points with his eyebrows to an area behind and slightly above the Plaza. I climb some steps to get there and I am rewarded with some beautiful pictures of this rainbow over the Western Wall in the ancient city of Jerusalem.

The rainbow fades after about 10 or 15 minutes, as rainbows are want to do. But I'm very happy with this fabulous and unique experience and photo opportunity.

I am frequently asked what my feelings were standing in front of this beautiful sight. My first impression, past amazement, was that I felt I could hear the rainbow making a sort of beautiful, shimmering, sonorous, chord like sound. Of course, my Physical Body ears couldn't hear anything. Secondly, I had the feeling of deja vu. Earlier in the year, I had several spectacular dreams which reminded me so much of this situation that I had to stop for a moment and shake my head in amazement.

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